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Health and Social Care

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Training and Consultancy Services to the Care sector

SecuriCare has provided high-quality training and consultancy to those working in health and socal care since 1995. Our training focuses on preventing and managing disruptive, challenging and other hazardous behaviours and on positive behavioural support strategies that reduce the need for restrictive interventions.

Our training programmes help staff prevent and manage challenging and other hazardous behaviours both verbally and physically in a way that supports individuals who may present these complex behaviours.

By providing both online and classroom-based learning and resources SecuriCare delivers bespoke training solutions that meet both mandatory requirements and local organisational needs.

Certified Training

SecuriCare is an Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre and is certified by the BILD-Association of Certified Training (BILD-ACT) as complying with the Restraint Reduction Network Training Standards to deliver Preventing and Managing Challenging and Hazardous Behaviour courses.

SecuriCare has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 for the Provision of Training Programmes in the social care sector.

Our Training Programmes Include:

Primary and secondary intervention strategy training to recognise the early signs of distress and to identify the functions and triggers to changes in behaviour, to promote positive early interventions and prevent further escalation in the behaviour. The training can also cover, where appropriate, risk assessment and physical strategies to disengage or prevent physical harm including safe holding and physical intervention. Our training programmes are based on a person-centred approach to care.

Become a SecuriCare Licenced Trainer

The SecuriCare Licensed Trainer Programme gives you the knowledge, skills and resources to provide in-house training to your staff. Unlike many of our competitors, the Training Programme will not only include all the core learning outcomes of the SecuriCare Certified Training Programme, to ensure compliance with statutory guidance, but will also be tailored to meet your local requirements and the needs of your population.

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