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Preventing and Managing Disruptive Passenger Behaviour

SecuriCare has been a world leader in the prevention and management of disruptive passenger behaviour training since 1996. Our training programmes and restraint systems are used by thousands of cabin crew worldwide and our customers include many of the world’s best-known airlines. Our methods and skills have been successfully employed by crew in thousands of real-life situations.

Disruptive behaviour on board an aircraft can range from mildly annoying to potentially life-threatening and cabin crew have to be able to intervene and manage every level of behaviour in a way that achieves the most positive outcome and protects the crew, other passengers, and the safety of the aircraft.

Our training programme includes:

  • National and International Law and Air Navigation Orders in relation to Disruptive Passenger Management. This includes Crew’s powers and obligations under these Laws
  • A hierarchy of Threat Levels and appropriate responses
  • Police Protocols
  • Early intervention: conflict management and de-escalation
  • Operating as a team to manage physically challenging behaviours
  • Restraint of a violent passenger
  • Application of the SecuriCare Disruptive Passenger Restraint System
  • Post-incident management


SecuriCare Disruptive Passenger Restraint System

Developed and introduced in the 1990’s the SecuriCare Airline Seat Restrain (ASR) provides a safe alternative to diverting the aircraft. The safe securing of a violent passenger to an aircraft seat prevents any further physical threat until the passenger can be handed over to the authorities on landing. (Browse our products for details)

Become a SecuriCare Licensed Trainer

The SecuriCare Licensed Trainer Programme gives you the knowledge, skills and resources to provide in-house training to Crew members. The Training Programme include all the core learning outcomes of the SecuriCare Training Programme and practical training in restraint and ASR application.

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