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Family Support

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Family & Foster/Adoptive Parents Training

SecuriCare is dedicated to providing invaluable support services for families navigating the challenges of caring for children and young adults with complex and challenging behaviours. We focus on fostering long-term well-being by offering comprehensive training programmes tailored to the unique needs of each family.

Our Expertise in Behaviour Support:

At SecuriCare, we understand that families facing complex challenges require more than just solutions – they need tailored strategies that encompass the nuances of their individual circumstances. Our team boasts extensive experience in developing and implementing personalised behaviour support plans, ensuring that each child or young adult receives the attention and care they deserve.

Safe Holding Strategies:

We recognise that certain situations may necessitate safe holding strategies to ensure the well-being of both the individual and those providing care. Our experts are well-versed in implementing safe holding techniques, prioritising the safety and dignity of all involved. These strategies are an integral component of our holistic approach to care, seamlessly integrated into our support services.

Interactive Training Programmes:

SecuriCare goes beyond traditional training methods by offering interactive training programmes that empower families with the knowledge and skills they need. Our training is designed to be engaging, practical, and relevant, ensuring that participants feel confident in applying what they learn to real-life situations. We believe that interactive learning fosters a deeper understanding and a more effective implementation of strategies.

Supportive Training Team:

Connect with one of our specialist Training Team members who are dedicated to guiding families through our training programmes. Our team is not just knowledgeable; they are compassionate and understanding, recognising the unique dynamics each family faces. Whether you are seeking guidance on behaviour support plans, safe holding strategies, or other aspects of care, our Training Team is here to provide the information and assistance you need.


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