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Managing and Resolving Conflict

Managing and Resolving Conflict

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Advice for staff on dealing with difficult and disruptive people

Workers who interact with customers and the public can face significant risks from workplace hazards due to the nature of their work. These hazards can range from verbal and physical threats to actual violence. To address these challenges, this book is designed to help workers and employers assess risks in working conditions and situations they may encounter, striving to provide the safest possible working environment.

Available as an e-book, this resource offers comprehensive guidance on managing and resolving conflicts effectively. It provides valuable advice on how to handle difficult and disruptive individuals professionally and safely. The book's content covers a wide array of strategies and techniques to help employees remain calm, assertive, and in control during tense situations.

By equipping workers with the necessary tools and strategies, the book aims to mitigate risks and enhance the overall safety and well-being of employees in challenging interactions. It emphasises the importance of understanding and recognising potential hazards and offers practical steps to defuse conflicts before they escalate.

In addition to conflict management, the book also highlights the significance of a supportive work environment where employers and colleagues work together to ensure safety. By fostering a culture of awareness and preparedness, organisations can better protect their staff from harm. This book is an essential resource for anyone looking to improve their ability to handle difficult and disruptive people while maintaining a safe and professional workplace.

Available as an e-book

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