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Airline Seat Restraint ASR (Plasti-Cuffs)

Airline Seat Restraint ASR (Plasti-Cuffs)

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Equipment £395.00 +10 (£380.00)
+20 (£370.00)
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The SecuriCare Airline Seat Restraint (ASR) System was designed in the late 90's by SecuriCare with the assistance of many of the UK's major airlines. Its simple design and application makes it easy for cabin crew to remember how to use in high stress situations. This system has been used in real-life incidents on-board aircraft and has proven to be extremely effective for over 20 years. It helps protect crew, passengers and the safety of the aircraft. This version is supplied with either re-usable (locking) or single-use Plastic Handcuffs.

It is strongly advised that this product is purchased with the training package.

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