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BTEC Level 3 Delivering Physical Intervention Training within the Private Security Sector (QCF)


Qualification objective: The Pearson BTEC Level 3 Award for Deliverers of Physical Intervention Training in the Private Security Industry is for learners who work in, or who want to work in the private security industry as a deliverer of physical intervention skills. It gives learners the opportunity to:

  1. develop knowledge related to physical intervention, specifically the legal and professional implications of their use
  2. develop an understanding of how to reduce the risk of harm, when physical intervention skills are used
  3. understand good practices to follow after physical interventions
  4. learn about the use of non-aggressive physical skills to protect themselves and others from assault
  5. be able to use non-pain compliant standing holding and escorting techniques, including non-restrictive and restrictive skills
  6. achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification
  7. achieve a licence to practise
  8. develop their own personal growth and engagement in learning

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