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Managing Challenging Behaviour

Securicare Shop > Airline Passenger Restraints > Airline Restraint Kit ASR 608 (Plasticuffs)

Airline Restraint Kit ASR 608 (Plasticuffs)

The airline sector has a unique requirement to be able to ‘contain’ a serious incident and safely ‘restrain’ a physically violent or dangerous passenger until the authorities are able to board the aircraft.  Airline crews have a requirement for specialist training and unique resources.

SecuriCare have developed a revolutionary two-piece restraint kit, specifically for airlines.  Already installed on some of the worlds best known airlines, this equipment has been used successfully on many occasions.  Available in 3 formats, this kit is supplied with double loop PlastiCuffs.

Those purchasing the full kit will receive:

  • X1 set of platicuffs
  • X1 cuff strap
  • X1 chest strap
  • X1 carry bag
  • Instuction sheet

This kit is currently a registered part on the airbus series of planes and comes with a certificate of airworthiness. Full training is recommended with this product.

Contact us to discuss discounts on bulk purchases.

Securicare are able to offer comprehensive training in the use of these restraint devices.

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