As a provider of training to the health and social care staff, including Challenging behaviour training and Safe Physical intervention training, SecuriCare aim to deliver training that enables staff to deliver optimal support and manage the demands of their job. Figures recently released indicate that there is a need for programmes geared around the prevention and management of aggressive, disruptive and challenging behaviours.

the risk of violence at workA collection of shocking photographs show police officers nursing black eyes, broken legs and gashed hands while fighting crime on Britain's streets.

The Police Federation posted the pictures - some showing horrific facial injuries - online after brave male and female officers were attacked while on the job. 

It comes after the Home Office published figures which suggest an officer is assaulted every 22 minutes after data showed there were 24,000 attacks last year. 

Recently NHS figures were released. According to figures released by NHS Protect overall ‘assaults’ are up by over 2,500 to 70,555 in the last full year. That covers the whole NHS: the figures further break down thus:

  • 52,704 assaults involved what NHS Protect calls ‘medical factors‘
  • 17,851 assaults did not involve medical factors.

Some sectors within the NHS are higher risk. It is generally accepted that those working in Mental Health units are 2 or 3 times more likely to be assaulted at work than the ‘average’ NHS employee as a whole.

Emerson and Hatton (2000) suggest from their review of the prevalence of violent incidents against care workers supporting people with learning disabilities or mental health needs that “violence or the threat of violence is likely to be a fairly common occurrence…’’ with 70% of social care and support staff in England experiencing a violent incident, 64% insulted or shouted at, 40% threatened with violence and 38% physically attacked in the last 12 months, based on Pahl’s 1999 study.

More recently, Community Care magazine has conducted surveys of violence against social care and support staff. A survey of 114 social care and support staff by Community Care (McGregor, 2010) found 90% of social workers had experienced abuse, assaults and threats. One third had been physically assaulted, and 90% had been verbally abused while on duty. In the past year, 80% of practitioners had experienced more than one ‘abusive incident’.

SecuriCare offer a range of courses designed to ensure that nominated trainers can help staff to respond safely and effectively to any ‘Challenging Behaviour’ that may occur, including the application of ‘Physical Interventions techniques’. All programmes are finalised after full training needs analysis and delivered by experienced frontline practitioners. Click to see our ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Course which includes ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ techniques designed to minimise the need for any kind of restrictive intervention. You can also take a look at our person centred Behaviour Planning Service.

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