You get all sorts of learners when you are running courses. Whether it’s on care courses,  preventing and managing Challenging behaviour training courses, ‘Breakaway Training courses’ or Physical intervention training courses. You get learners who have spent their entire career in the sector as well as those new entrants for whom everything is different from anything they’ve ever done before. Irrespective of who they are, and what they know, the one thing you need to be able to do as a training provider is simple: be able to answer the learners question.

Securicare answer all of their learners questionsThe questions come in all forms. There is the question that you think you’ve already answered but gets asked again; revealing something a learners is still struggling to comprehend. Then there is the worst case scenario question that centres on an entirely improbable event, but represents the learner’s worst fears. And finally there is the accusatory question that reveals something a learners has previously been told or been taught something that clashes with what you have presented. This flags a learner’s cognitive road block, showing they have difficulty accepting something, and as a result are unlikely to take it on board.

The thing to recognise is that all of these questions and hundreds more are legitimate. What’s more is that they need answering, fully and satisfactorily. There is a lot at stake here. There is your credibility as a trainer. If you struggle to answer a question, well then everything else you have asserted may be undermined or devalued. There is the real world application of course content. You invariably want learners to go back into the work setting and apply new knowledge and skills. To do this a learners needs to be confident what you’ve provided them with is real and true, and most importantly works effectively. You can instil that confidence by answering questions and demonstrating that you are fully competent in the skills and the use of the knowledge.

What’s more is being able to answer questions, however mundane or outlandish, is just a common courtesy. In a world where a trainer is trying to build trust so that information can be transferred its crucial that he or she takes every question as serious as the one before or after and answered it in a meaningful way. If you want learners to apply what they’ve picked up on care courses,  preventing and managing Challenging behaviour training courses, ‘Breakaway Training courses’ or Physical intervention training courses you need to be able to answer the learners questions. For its in questioning, and receiving the answers that learners will truly learn. As Albert Einstein once said, “The important thing is not to stop questioning...” Be prepared for every question. Even those you’ve never asked.

SecuriCare offer a range of training courses designed to ensure that staff are able to deliver optimal care and support. We offer a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

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