The need for robust recruitment policies, comprehensive induction training such as the Care certificate online and meaningful supervision helps to ensure that standards of care are high. However, as the evidence published by the charity Action on Elder Abuse shows, we still need laws that ensure abuse by carers is dealt with severely to ensure a strong message is sent out to others entering the sector who clearly don’t care.

The Carers Who Don't careThe charity estimates, based on a review of academic studies including a major Department of Health report, that there are 464,500 people aged over 65 being mistreated in the UK.

More than 99 per cent of those responsible for the mistreatment of pensioners go unpunished, according to the charity’s analysis of official crime figures. There were just 3,012 successful convictions between 2015 and 2016.

Gary FitzGerald, the charity’s chief executive says, ‘Elder abuse has nothing to do with low pay, status and education. It’s about personal values and attitudes. The threshold to get into this line of work is far too low — so we are allowing unsuitable staff, without the necessary empathy, access to very vulnerable people…’

‘They get one month’s probation training, when what is needed is for them to work alongside a respected colleague for three to six months before being left in a one-to-one situation. While some carers will carry on being kind, others will push, slap, squeeze and pinch their elderly charges. They are people who are likely to take advantage of any vulnerable person, so we have to first identify these bullies and then keep them away from our elderly.’ 

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