SecuriCare work hard to provide training and support that matters. Whether its care courses, preventing and managing Challenging behaviour training, ‘Breakaway Training’ and Physical intervention training  or behaviour support/physical intervention planning we continually review our products and their quality controls. To this end this week all the senior managers gathered for a strategic planning review.

Securicare Strategic Planning ReviewPhil Hardy, SecuriCares Director talked about the value of data. In order to fully understand and analyse a clients need he pressed for good data. He took the team through some information systems including a custom made recording and reporting system that is designed to be used to support behavioural analysis. It is a joint project with a software company who like Securicare are committed to providing solutions that work.

Joanne Purvis, one of Securicares two National Training Managers brought the team up to speed with the work she has been doing with the parents of children with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties. In addition to providing the knowledge and skills needed to respond positively to those that challenge she underscored the importance of understanding the experience that parents were invariably going through in order to get answers. She then went on to outline a number of ways in which Securicare could address their concerns and anxieties.

Our other National Training Manager Chris Knight spoke about  the impact that the squeeze on social care budgets was having on how some organisations were purchasing training.  Whilst there are schemes aimed at providing quality assurance in respect of physical intervention training, namely the BILD PITAS and the Institute of Conflict Management Quality Award Centre scheme, both are at present voluntary. He spoke of decisions made by some financially pressed organisations to buy in sub-optimal training. This led onto a discussion around how added value could be attached to our classroom training. Securicare have various online courses on restraint reduction and restraint safety that we are able to provide as part of any training provision.

The energy on the day was high and the focus was on providing the very best value for money as well as the very best product. One that was built around the individual clients needs and that was truly fit for purpose and that meets the needs of support workers, carers and foster families alike, enabling them to best respond to any ‘Challenging Behaviour’ that may occur.

All of our programmes are finalised after full training needs analysis and delivered by experienced frontline practitioners. Click to see our ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Course which includes ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ techniques designed to minimise the need for any kind of restrictive intervention. You can also take a look at our person centred Behaviour Planning Service.

Securicare also offer a ‘Restraint Reduction’ support service and training in support of improving safety. Check out our ‘Physical Intervention’ courses and our online ‘Restraint Risks’ course, or ask for details about our newest course 'Physical Interventions: Removing Risk & Reducing Use' a course that provides practical guidance on how to manage risks within the context of an incident as well as prevent future restraint use. 

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