Claims that staff abused residents at a Newcastle care home are being investigated by police and the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

RiskIt is understood three people from a Care Home in Fawdon have been suspended while inquiries continue.

A CQC spokesman said the organisation is working with other agencies to ensure people's "safety and wellbeing".

A spokesman said: "The staff members involved have been suspended with immediate effect following this allegation, in line with our standard operating practices.

"We operate a zero tolerance policy in relation to any allegations of abuse concerning residents or staff."

Joanne Purvis, Director of SecuriCare, is critical of the culture, “Something has gone terribly wrong when abuse occurs. There has been a catastrophic failure somewhere; one of hiring, supervision or management. ...The only saving grace is that in light of Winterbourne view and the like there is a greater likelihood that when someone raises concerns, others listen and take action. I can only hope that this was an isolated incident and immediate action will be decisively taken to ensure it never happens again..””

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