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Now you can check your progress with a downloadable 50-POINT checklist
Providing Positive & Proactive Care
Increasing concerns about the inappropriate use of restrictive interventions across health and care settings led to the publication of the ‘Positive and Proactive Care’ guidance document by the Department of Health in 2014.
The aim of ‘Positive and Proactive Care’ was to establish a framework within which care providers worked to reduce the need for restrictive physical interventions. It states that boards must be proactive, and must implement, maintain and be accountable for an overarching restrictive intervention reduction programme.

SecuriCares 50-point Checklist
In order to assist those organisations embarking on a restraint reduction initiative SecuriCare have produced a downloadable 50-point checklist which can be used as a guide. It has been designed by our team and should ensure that providers using it meet and exceed the Dept of Health stated expectations. Compliance with it is designed to demonstrate to CQC Inspectors that  your organisation is fully committed to meeting its requirements as stated in the Health & Social Care Act. 
CQC Compliance
The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for registering and monitoring registered providers, and the quality and safety of the care they provide, under the Health and Social Care Act. This Positive & Proactive Care guidance will inform CQC’s programme of regular monitoring and inspection against CQC standards, particularly in relation to regulation 11 (safeguarding service users against abuse).
This guidance will be one of the sources CQC use when assessing whether a provider is delivering safe and appropriate care. It will also be used by CQC in determining what good looks like in care and treatment in CQC’s new ratings system (inadequate/requires improvement/good/ outstanding) for its integrated model of inspection. Where the guidance is not implemented the CQC will consider using its regulatory powers to facilitate change and improvement in local services.

SecuriCare offer a host training courses and support services including 'How to Manage the Risks of Physical Restraint', 'Physical Intervention Skills' courses and Restraint Reduction Services. Our team of healthcare and training professionals collectively have over 100 years of practice in within the Health and Social Care sector.

SecuriCare are an Institute of Conflict Management (ICM) Quality Award Centre. As recognised by the Dept. Of Health in the 2014 'Positive & Proactive Care' guidelines.
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