As a specialist  provider of care courses,  ‘Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour training, ‘Breakaway Training’ and Physical intervention training SecuriCare recognise the value of communicating effectively. Our NEW Securicare International YouTube Channel will ensure we are able to tell people more about what we do, and to provide useful information that can help them to make informed choices about training.

SecuriCares Youtube ChannelIn a recent Forbes article Richard Tiland talked about harnessing the power of videos to communicate information. He said, “The human mind has an inherent unfulfilled need for information and interaction..” He continued, “The use of video is so ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it has become part of our subconscious.. Video is beyond entertainment.  It has become a critical component in business, politics and communication.. Video appeals to both sight and sound in a quick burst of stimulation, it captures the attention of the viewer immediately and makes a lasting impression.  The messaging is concise and easy to understand..”

Lee Hollins, SecuriCares Risk Manager, explains the value of video to SecuriCare, “Very often we are looking at imparting the knowledge and skills that staff need to deal with very human situations; dealing with people with unmet needs, those who are in distress and are trying to communicate their needs. We need the tools to explore the critical issues that are key to understanding how to respond to such events. Video within the training domain can be used to draw learners in, to stimulate their minds and to create opportunities to discuss issues and scenarios. We use videos a lot in our classroom sessions and our online courses. And now we are showcasing these using videos on Our NEW Securicare International YouTube Channel ..”

“Take a look and check out the latest videos discussing our ‘Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour training’ and our ‘E-Learning opportunities’. Then get in touch to discuss your training needs. Our team have been designing and delivering training programmes for many many years and can use their frontline experience to ensure your staff have the knowledge and skills they need to operate safely and effectively on your behalf..”

SecuriCare offer a range of training courses designed to ensure that staff are able to deliver optimal care and support. We offer a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs: E: or T: 01904 492442