In the current financial climate, getting value for money from your training is crucial. One way of doing this is to develop an in-house training team. Securicare can help you do this and build a programme that needs your unique needs, whether that be ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’, ‘Physical Interventions’, ‘Moving & Positioning’ and ‘First Aid’.

PMCB Train the TrainersTraining is about engineering change. One definition is ‘Organised activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve the recipient's performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill’. Every organisation needs training, needs change and needs to ensure that it is positive change. One way to do this is to take control of training specification and delivery.

Chris Knight, Head of Health & Social Care Training within Securicare elaborates, “The first thing we would do is assess the existing in-house training capability. Some organisations may already have qualified trainers in place, whilst others will need development in the area. We have a host of Train the Trainers’ options including the Level 3 Award in Education and Training (QCF)

“We would then go on to look at exactly what training is required. Our most popular programme is the ‘Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour’. There is the option to include physical intervention skills but this is very much driven by need. Therefore we undertake extensive training needs analysis to ensure the best possible fit for any training programme”.

“All of our ‘train the trainers’ programmes benefit from comprehensive support package. As well as receiving a full trainers portfolio including slides/PowerPoint’s, along with copies of all the requisite course paperwork, instructor reports, assessment sheets etc. We also offer a full certification service. In addition to this all trainers are offered an annual update/CPD service. Basically we made it as easy as possible to take control of your own training..”

SecuriCare offer a range of courses designed to ensure that nominated trainers can help staff to respond safely and effectively to any ‘Challenging Behaviour’ that may occur, including the application of ‘Physical Interventions techniques’. All programmes are finalised after full training needs analysis and delivered by experienced frontline practitioners. Click to see our ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Course which includes ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ techniques designed to minimise the need for any kind of restrictive intervention. You can also take a look at our person centred Behaviour Planning Service.

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