All patients from Wales at an inpatient child and adolescent mental health hospital have been removed after concerns about their safety, including excessive use of full restraint.

In one case, a young patient was restrained for more than an hour and a half at the hospital in Ebbw Vale.

BBC Wales understands that patients from England have not been removed.

Regis Healthcare said "historic reports are not a judgement of the current situation" and it had new management.

The Regis Healthcare unit is the only "low secure" CAMHS hospital in Wales and offers services to private patients and the NHS. It has been inspected at least four times since March this year.

HealthcareInspectorate  Wales (HIW) said Regis Healthcare remained a "service of concern" and was under its highest level of scrutiny.

Problems became apparent in the March inspection when HIW said the service was not compliant with regulations to safeguard patients from abuse.

Inspectors looked at the practice of full restraint - which means restraining a patient while on the floor, sometimes involving up to five members of staff.

A subsequent inspection noted there had been a decrease in floor restraints from 260 in January to 136 in June. But it also said there were not enough staff to provide safe patient care or look after patients who needed to be watched constantly.

In June, HIW stopped Regis Healthcare from admitting any new patients from Wales.

Three months later the decision was made to remove all patients from Wales.

The most recent inspection report released this month said this was due to "the lack of significant or sustained improvements, the absence of strong leadership and management of the hospital, inadequate governance… and the potential impact of these on the safety of patients".

"We will be monitoring the service very closely to ensure the required improvements are made."