Joanne Purvis is one of SecuriCares most experienced trainers and one who has worked extensively within the Social Care sector. She has delivers a range of care courses and today is delivering a classroom version of our popular preventing and managing Challenging behaviour training course.

Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour“What we know from the research is that in the absence of high quality training people often resort to instinct. When considering the appropriate response to some form of challenging behaviour instinct isn’t always a good thing. When people perceive the behaviour before them as in some way hostile they tend to attribute blame, they often respond emotionally, often in anger or frustration and can even choose punitive responses. What we do is seek to understand what behaviour means and why it occurs so an appropriate response can be selected…” With that she returns to the tables where groups are working through a case study designed to explore behavioural analysis.

The Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour course is aimed at Staff working in care settings and who support individuals may exhibit behaviours that cause difficulties for themselves and/or other people. It covers the principles of Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) and is in line with the latest research and best practice. The programme can also serve as an important foundation for those staff who may be moving on to learn physical disengagement /physical intervention skills.

The programme comes in a variety of formats. SecuriCares online Challenging behaviour training course covers a wide array of topics designed to give staff a solid working understanding of challenging behaviour. Sheena, who has recently completed the online model fed back on her learning experience, “Going forward I will look at challenging behaviour in a different way as a result of this course. I now know challenging behaviour is a form of communication and we as staff need to listen if we want to do our job properly… Thankyou!”

SecuriCare also deliver the Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour prograame as a classroom course. It covers; Definitions of ‘Challenging Behaviour’, Aggression as a normal response to threat or fear, Causes of aggression and other challenging behaviours, Understanding the possible functions of behaviour, The role of ‘active support’, ‘enhanced communication’ and ‘positive behaviour support’ in preventing ‘challenging behaviour’. Recognising the early warning signs, Communication skills, De-escalation skills and the importance of recording, reporting and reflection. SecuriCare operate on a client by client basis and course content is finalised following a full training needs analysis.

On the coffee break Joanne tears herself away from a group of buzzing students to conclude, “We offer courses designed to meet the individual service needs and can even build a workshop around a particular supported person or service user. We’ve been doing this for 20 years and know what works. We are also really easy to speak to. Just give us a call and see what we can offer you…”

Securicare offer a range of care  courses, including mandatory induction courses as well as courses build around managing various facets of challenging behaviour. We can tailor programmes to meet local need. Contact us for more information and to discuss your needs: E: or T: 01904 492442