The need for comprehensive induction training including the Care certificate online and other care courses was tragically underlined in a recent case that exposed a care companies fundamental monitoring failures. The case involved an elderly woman with communication difficulties who was left “severely malnourished” after having lost a third of her body weight in a care home in which support workers failed to check on her wellbeing.

Care Certificate, Induction TrainingThe case involves an unidentified woman who had arthritis, osteoporosis and aphasia (a communication deficit which often follows a stroke). When her daughter could no longer care for her because of her own declining health problems, the local council care to be provided at Murdoch House, a care home in Wokingham which was then run by Southern Cross, the care group that has subsequently closed down.

The care home’s own records show that on admission the woman weighed 61kg and had a body mass index of 20 (the accepted “healthy” range being somewhere between 18 and 25). When she was eventually taken to hospital she was found to weigh 41kg with a body mass index of only 15.

Responding to the case Dr Jane Martin Local Government Ombudsman said that “when contracting out services to third parties, they cannot contract out the accountability for those services”. The inquiry report she presided over warned that “Any failure by the care home and care provider is failure by the council…”

Chris Knight, Head of Health & Social Care training at SecuriCare says, “This case exemplifies the need for robust oversight. Any deficiencies in policies, procedures and training should be picked up during regular inspection. A home like this would surely rate as ‘inadequate’ if they were to be inspected by the CQC..”

“An effective care home, one that truly cares and supports individuals in a person-centred way, requires good leadership, a can-do culture and a skilled workforce. Those skills, and the knowledge required to apply them, is acquired through good training. At Securicare we recognise this and have worked hard to put together a superb suite of online induction courses. We offer the complete the Care certificate online as well as other key mandatory care courses..”

“In my opinion our online induction courses represents the best value for money on the market. Each course costs less than £3 and you can obtain the full suite for less than £30 per head. When you purchase the bundle of courses like this you get 3 courses FREE: Medication Awareness, Moving & Positioning theory as well as Food Safety… Our online learning platform makes organising training and tracking learners easy.. That way you can focus on providing the care and support that was so sadly lacking in this case..”

At a specialist training provider SecuriCare offer a range of training courses designed to ensure that staff are able to deliver optimal care and support. We offer a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

Our suite of Care Certificate courses allow you to select a range that best meet your local needs. Each individual course content is fully mapped across to meet the underpinning knowledge requirements for the QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care at Levels 2 and 3. Completion of all of the courses allows the candidate to meet the knowledge specifications of all of the mandatory units of these QCF Diplomas. Click to see our ‘Care Certificate’ Courses

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