A groom was thrown off his honeymoon flight to Egypt after punching two members of the cabin crew when they told him not to smoke on board.

Michael Cunnett, 38, had downed four pints of Stella ahead of the 9am flight from Gatwick in February when he launched a foul-mouthed homophobic tirade.

He punched two easyJet staff members before being carted off the plane by police as his new wife shouted: 'Look at what you've done. You have f****** off our honeymoon!'

Lewes Crown Court heard that the plasterer continued his abuse, calling one officer a 'baldy c***', before knocking himself out by headbutting the cage in the squad car.

Cunnett, from Epsom, Surrey, was jailed for seven months and ordered to pay compensation to each of the victims for the vile attack.

Flight attendant Andre Bogley, who was floored by two punches before another crew member intervened, said: 'He didn't know my sexuality, but I am a gay man and proud of it.

'It is not a lifestyle choice, it is natural and no one deserves to be discriminated against for their sexuality.

Judge David Rennie said the four pints he had drunk brought out his 'true character'.

Joanne Purvis, SecuriCare Director, says, “Alcohol can be a major issue on flights people can act out of character and this can include aggression and violence. No crew member should have to face this behaviour but if they do they need the knowledge and skills to respond safely and effectively. This is where good training comes in .”

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