The subject of 'Physical Restraint' can be extremely difficult for adoptive parents to talk about. But it’s a topic that needs to be talked about openly if the right support and training is to be put in place.

SecuriCare are pleased to share the finding of a recent online survey exploring ‘The Reality of Physical Restraint for Adoptive Parents’

The survey was part of a fact finding initiative undertaken by Lee Hollins PGCert, BSc (Hons) and supported by both the ‘The Open Nest’ charity and SecuriCare.

Analysis of the findings revealed the extent to which violence was being presented by adoptive children, the effectiveness of de-escalation strategies and the real world experience of the restraint that was being applied by parents in challenging circumstances.

The findings were supported by rich descriptions of the reality faced by those parents who took part in the survey.

It is a timely and detailed report that needs reading and sharing. Download the full report HERE