Vulnerable children in care were wrongly restrained and pinned to the ground by staff at a children’s home in South Gloucestershire.

Ofsted inspectors who visited the home, which cannot be named to protect the identity of the children, found staff had not followed procedures when it restrained its residents.

Since an inspection in August 2017, staff have been found to use restraints wrongly on several occasions.

In one case, a child was restrained as staff wrestled an electrical item from them.

Inspectors said: “This action is not permitted under the children’s homes regulations as the child was not causing significant harm to themselves or others.”

There have also been four other instances of a child being wrongly pinned to the ground.

“Some records in relation to the use of restraint do not clearly demonstrate that staff used alternative techniques before they used these higher level interventions,” the report said.

“The child’s behaviour support plan does not document why restraining him on the ground is the best approach in supporting him to manage his emotions and feelings, nor is there a plan to reduce the use of ground restraints.”

The monitoring of such severe restraints was “weak”, the regulator added, despite staff receiving training about de-escalation and physical intervention.

Since the previous inspection in the autumn last year, a number of staff have left the home.

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Source: Bristol Live