SecuriCares training is designed to ensure that staff are able to cope with the real world demands of delivering truly person centred care and support. Our portfolio includes induction training, currently in the form of the Care Certificate, as well as preventing and managing challenging behaviour, safe physical intervention skills and restraint reduction awareness training. This Sundays Mail newspaper revealed the shocking reality of how care can be compromised by inadequate training.

Mail Reporter Simon MurphyThe Mail on Sunday placed an undercover reporter in a 'luxury retirement village' in Wiltshire. According to the article he witnessed verbal abuse and discovered neglect by some of the staff at the home 

The reporter, Simon Murphy (left), said “The on-the-job training that I was promised – which was supposed to involve four days of shadowing more senior staff – was brushed aside as I was ordered to do jobs alone, with no supervision, after my first day…”

“Deeply concerned by my own lack of training, on my third day I asked the deputy manager, Isabelle Bennett, if my induction might be extended from four days to two weeks. ‘Two weeks?’ she replied. ‘No. We couldn’t afford agency cover for two weeks!’

Murphy says he saw “(An) elderly woman crying in pain as she was roughly moved on another occasion, other residents staying in their rooms because there were not enough staff to help them reach communal areas…” He said he saw residents “called wicked names behind their back, disdained, disrespected and neglected…”

He also captured some of the indignities and shortcomings in care and support on video. Lynne Phair, an independent consultant nurse, told The Mail on Sunday: ‘From the video evidence I’ve seen and testimony I’ve heard, there appears to be abuse occurring at this home..”

She continues, 'There are serious issues with poor leadership and management. Residents are probably being harmed psychologically and physically and serious risk of harm to a resident is highly likely. In my opinion, the bruising on two residents is unexplained and should be investigated. Although some frail older people can bruise very easily, the residents have bruising that does not fit with appropriate care practices and safe care handling. 

'The incidents of ignoring residents, ridiculing residents and the contempt of residents as human beings is an insidious but extremely dangerous form of psychological abuse…”

‘Given the level of dependence and needs of the residents, I would have anticipated at least double the staff numbers to support them adequately and safely. I’m also concerned about the very limited training given to the reporter. Simon’s request for two weeks’ training seemed reasonable. In many homes, induction training lasts longer than that.’

The CQC’s most recent inspection reports found that Fountain Place required ‘improvement’.

Chris Knight, SecuriCare’s Head of Social Care Training offers his perspective, “If you want to deliver high quality person-centred care you need to develop a skilled and competent workforce. This requires training. This case sadly seems to highlight what happens when there isn’t a training investment. Unfortunately I don’t think this is an isolated case..”

SecuriCare have worked on optimising induction training by offering a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

Our suite of Care Certificate courses allow you to select a range that best meet your local needs. Each individual course content is fully mapped across to meet the underpinning knowledge requirements for the QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care at Levels 2 and 3. Completion of all of the courses allows the candidate to meet the knowledge specifications of all of the mandatory units of these QCF Diplomas. Click to see our ‘Care Certificate’ Courses

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