Teachers in two English comprehensives have started using police-style body cameras in the classroom to record unruly pupils. The cameras film all the time but only save encrypted footage when the record button is pressed.

Preventing and managing disruptive pupil behaviourIt is thought footage could be used to provide evidence for disciplinary action and be shared with parents of badly-behaved pupils.

According to a survey carried out by the Association of Teachers & Lecturers teaching union Nine out of ten staff had dealt with challenging behaviour, such as swearing or shouting, in the past twelve months. In terms of physical violence the shocking findings were that 77% said they had been pushed or shoved and around half were kicked or had an object thrown at them.

Almost half (45%) of the teachers surveyed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland said they felt pupil behaviour had got worse in the past two years. 

The initiative to deploy these cameras in schools follows in the wake of such devices being deployed by British police officers in recent years.  Last October it was announced that about 22,000 front-line policeman in the Metropolitan Police would be fitted with the devices.

Securicare Director Phil Hardy says, “This initiative represents an evolution in the mix of measures in place to combat disruptive pupil behaviour. Technology moves on and so it was inevitable that this type of device was going to find its way into a setting where there are events that could benefit from being recorded for evidentiary purposes. The footage could also be useful in behavioural analysis so it’s not all big brother. On the down side there will that question in the minds of pupils as to whether pupils can continue to trust teachers. It’s a hard earned and easily lost commodity, and if pupils feel that their teacher is complicit in recording their every move it could create distance between them. In a school setting a trusting relationship can be key to unlocking many insights that can be useful in helping a student to flourish. It’s a balance to be struck and I watch with interest to see how the protocols for use are shaped…”

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