Last night the BBC’s Panorama programme investigated the growing numbers of British passengers flying drunk. Tina Daheley uncovered shocking footage filmed by passengers and meets whistle-blowers from the airline industry who reveal just how badly our journeys are being disrupted.

As industry experts in preventing and managing disruptive passenger behaviour, Securicare were invited to take part. Director Phil Hardy says, “There has to be more done to prevent passengers who are drunk boarding aircraft. The legislation to prevent drunken passengers boarding already exists it simply needs to be enforced. Airport staff and security forces have ample opportunities to drive home the message that if a passenger turns up at the gate unfit to fly then they will be prevented from boarding. The airlines then need to work out a method of dealing with the luggage problems off-loading passengers then presents in terms of security issues. Until passengers are deterred from drinking too much alcohol, either pre-flight or on-board the aircraft, then they will continue to disrupt flights, intimidate and abuse crew and other passengers with their drunken behaviour”.

With exclusive new figures showing a rise in drink-related incidents and arrests, Tina asks how some airlines are fighting the problem and meets the Majorcan official sick of Brits arriving on her island already drunk. Campaigners are pushing for new licensing laws, but with alcohol sales a key source of revenue for many airport retailers, is profit taking precedence over passenger convenience and safety?

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