A new cloud-based app ‘Brain In Hand’ has just been launched. It is one of a range of a products being highlighted at Autech 2015, a conference in Manchester on 1 October to highlight the groundbreaking technologies available to support people with autism. It is aimed at professionals and carers, and highlights the opportunities for improved practice through the use of these assistive technologies (AT).

AT can mean anything from a wheelchair to an eye-activated, voice-producing machine. But Wirral Autistic Society has organised Autech 2015 – the UK’s first – on the basis that people on the autistic spectrum have been neglected in terms of resources.

Jane Carolan, director of operations for Wirral Autistic Society and the instigator of Autech 2015, argues that AT makes financial sense in cash-strapped times, in opening up the possibility of education and employment. Only 15% of people with autism have a job yet 79% of them want to work, but have not had the right support to make it happen.

A trial of Brain in Hand with the Devon Partnership Trust calculated that this app alone could make savings of £300-£500 per week in social care costs by enabling individuals to be supported in the mover from residential to independent living. This saving more than offsets the cost of the app at £20 per week.

 Source: Guardian