A drunken father who shoved an air steward, threatened passengers and told his wife he would 'knock the s***' out her has been jailed for 13 months.

Stephen McGee, 31, was flying from Gran Canaria to Newcastle when he started to shout at passengers on board the plane after his flight was delayed an hour.

Claire Anderson, prosecuting, told the court how a passenger heard McGee say 'I'm getting p***** off, this is taking too long', before telling his wife 'don't you undermine me in front of other adults or I'll knock the f****** s*** out of you'. 

A passenger alongside him in security reported his aggressive behaviour to Las Palmas airport authorities before the flight, Newcastle Crown Court heard. 

McGee demanded booze from the cabin crew six times during the hour delay to take-off but was refused. 

A female staff member, who had worked as cabin crew for 10 years, said it was the 'worst incident she has ever experienced stating the male was a danger to passengers and crew as his behaviour was unpredictable'.  

The judge, Ben Nolan QC told McGee that the member of the air crew were 'very badly shaken by what they experienced'.

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