Last night’s shocking Channel 5 TV programme ‘Violent Child, Desperate Parents’ showed the lengths some parents go to deal with challenging behaviour. The show captured the physical restraint of 9 year old Jack by his father. Is force the answer?

In last night’s show viewers saw dad Damien from Bridgend, South Wales, get repeatedly punched, head butted and kicked by his son. The cameras captured what has become a routine response to Jacks outbursts; the physical restraint of a child.

Joanne Purvis, SecuriCares Head of Training, has pioneered several programmes designed to meet the needs of those dealing with challenging behaviour presented by children and young persons. She says, “Last night’s programme was shocking, and saddening at the same time. What we are looking at here is the net result of things that have gone wrong weeks, months or maybe years ago. Physical restraint seems to have become the solution to a problem that isn’t being dealt with. Clearly restraint isn’t the answer, and what’s more it carries risk. The more you do it the more chance someone, Jack or his dad, is going to get hurt..”

The Securicare philosophy has always been to establish the root causes of the behaviour and then implement an array of measures that support and establish safe, pro-social behaviours as the norm. Joanne continues, “In an instance like this we would look to carry out a person centred assessment to establish why this behaviour is breaking through. It would include looking at the individual, the environment as well as the interactions that are taking place in the lead up to behavioural outbursts. Then we would look to implement change..”

“Physical intervention or physical restraint has always got to be a measure of last resort, but people fall into a trap. It’s a powerful tool that soon becomes the answer to every problem. This in itself can be problematic because the child quite rightly probably doesn’t like to be grabbed and held and so resists or gets even more violent. What you would be aiming for is a situation where restraint is completely eliminated. It may take time but at least then Jack would be able to enjoy his childhood and his dad would no longer be subject to the violent outbursts.

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