The Department of Health has launched guidance aimed at promoting the development of therapeutic environments and minimising all forms of restrictive practices so they are only used as a last resort. This briefing, produced in collaboration with the Care Quality Commission, provides a summary of the guidance, highlighting what it means for providers in practice.

The guidance says:

  • All forms of restrictive practices should be reduced over two years
  • Restrictive practices should only be used as a last resort in emergency situations
  • There is an objective to end prone (face-down) restraint
  • Board members should be fully informed of their trust’s position on restrictive practices and the management plan to reduce their use
  • The board should identify an executive director to lead on recovery approaches and reducing restrictive practices
  • Providers should publish an annual report on the use of restrictive interventions.
  • The Care Quality Commission will monitor and inspect against compliance with the guidance.