The facts matter. As a provider of training to the health and social care sectors, whether that be induction training including the Care certificate online, or work skills covered on Positive behaviour support training or Challenging behaviour training or Physical intervention training, SecuriCare aim to deliver training that meets need. The Latest figures released by NHS Protect indicate that there is a need to programmes geared around the prevention and management of aggressive, disruptive and challenging behaviours.

NHS assault figures on the riseAccording the figures recently released by NHS Protect (which can be found HERE) overall ‘assaults’ are up by over 2,500 to 70,555 in the last full year.

That covers the whole NHS: the figures further break down thus:

  • 52,704 assaults involved what NHS Protect calls ‘medical factors‘
  • 17,851 assaults did not involve medical factors.

Some sectors within the NHS are higher risk. It is generally accepted that those working in Mental Health units are 2 or 3 times more likely to be assaulted at work than the ‘average’ NHS employee as a whole.

Within the various sectors of the NHS:

  • 46,107 assaults occurred within the mental health sector of the NHS – 35,440 of those involving ‘medical factors’.
  • 2,300 assaults occurred within the ambulance sector – 712 involving ‘medical factors’.
  • 20,018 assaults within the acute sector – 14,780 involving ‘medical factors’.

It seems clear that the ‘medical factors’ alluded to need increased consideration when formulating preventative and reactive measures. Whilst they seem to increase the likelihood of an aggressive or violent response they may also make the individual more vulnerable to interventions such as physical restraint.

The prevention and management of ‘assaults’ is something that needs careful assessments, planning and monitoring if it is going to be safe and effective.

SecuriCare offer a range of training courses designed to ensure that staff are able to deliver optimal care and support. We offer a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

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