Despite figures showing almost 200 assaults on doctors, nurses and other NHS staff in England every day it seems NHS protect is due to close at the end of march according to the BBC.

NHS Protect ClosingThe body was tasked with overseeing the measures that trusts were taking to stop physical attacks on doctors and nurses. It has co-ordinated safety standards and held trusts to account since 2003.

Latest figures reveal that the total number of assaults in the year to the 31st March 2016 was 70,555 whereas in 2011/12 it was 59,744.

Of the 2015/16 assaults 17,851 did not involve factors such as medical illness, mental ill health, severe learning disability or treatment administered. However only 1,740 of these assaults resulted in criminal sanctions.

Kim Sunley, of the Royal College of Nursing, said, "You see some horrible physical assaults - people being punched in the face, grabbed by the throat, limbs being broken, chairs being thrown at people. There's the physical impact of the injury, but also the psychological impact, the long-term effect. People are traumatised.”

"Where people are frustrated and are having to wait a long time, in an environment that isn't fit for purpose so you have trolleys in corridors, it's going to increase tension, it's going to increase frustration and it's a tinderbox atmosphere."

NHS Protect said it could not comment before a staff consultation ended but the government said it believed a new approach was needed to protect staff. NHS Protect said in a statement that it was "not appropriate for us to comment in detail" before the consultation with staff ended on 1 March.  It confirmed it was consulting staff about plans under which "our organisation would not be tasked with security management work".

Phil Hardy, Director of SecuriCare says, “

“I have worked with NHS Protect and its predecessor, the Counter Fraud Security Management Service since 2002 on all aspects of staff personal safety (in my capacity as Chairman of the Institute of Conflict Management). The introduction of mandatory training in Conflict Resolution for all NHS front-line staff was a real step forward in protecting NHS staff from abuse, aggressive and violent behaviour. It is sad to hear of the demise of this organisation and hopefully the body that replaces it will continue to place staff safety at the forefront of it work…”

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