As a company who specialises in preventing and managing challenging behaviour, and who delivers conflict management , personal safety and physical intervention training  Securicare believe a court ruling on vicarious liability has re-enforced the need for employers to ensure employees respond to all situations in a calm, controlled and measured way.  

The supermarket giant Morrisons have today been held liable for the actions of a staff member who physically attacked a customer, according to the Supreme Court.

Amjid Khan was working at a Morrisons petrol station when he attacked Ahmed Mohamud. The incident arose from a disagreement over a request by Mr Mohamud to print some documents, and quickly escalated to a full blown physical altercation with Mr Khan repeatedly punching and kicking him as he lay on the floor.

This is a ruling that will have implications for all employers, and not only those who staff have a role in upholding order and who may be expected to physically restrain service users, such as security personnel, store detectives and support workers dealing with challenging behaviour.

BBC legal correspondent Clive Coleman says, “This case has broadened the law which holds employers vicariously liable for the acts of their employees who commit a crime whilst at work”

“Previously an employer could argue that an employee was acting for entirely personal reasons - lawyers call it being "on a frolic of their own" if they committed a crime..”

“This ruling makes it easier for customers of a business who are assaulted by staff - or affected by staff who commit any unlawful act whilst on duty - to hold the employer business liable”

Adrian Pannett, Securicare Director, says, “Employers beware. This case highlights how important it is to train staff and give clear guidance on interacting with service users. It is unfortunate that as employers we have to do teach people how to conduct themselves and how to interact with others but it is becoming more and more apparent that if this isn't made clear from the beginning there is a risk that companies will be held liable for their employees conduct. Appropriate training will make it clear to employees they need to act professionally and within the law at all times.”

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