For over 20 years SecuriCare has worked hard to show it cares by designing and delivering a range of flexible, first class training experiences to thousands of support workers across the country. As of 2016 our portfolio includes the Care Certificate and other induction courses as well as our popular Preventing and Managing Challenging Behaviour programme and the highly regarded Safe Physical Intervention Skills. All of our courses have been carefully crafted and considered with a highly focused professional regard. The complete opposite of what was captured in a shocking image that has been widely circulated on social media and in the press this week.

The image in question is of a female support worker, somewhere in the Leicestershire area, who is seen on her mobile phone as she stops to have what appears to be a cigarette break. To add insult to injury the support worker has apparently piled all her shopping bags on top of her client who is sitting abandoned nearby in his wheelchair. The stack of bags completely fills his personal space and presses up against his face so that his view is totally obscured. He has in effect become a human shelf, to be used at will by the support worker.

It has transpired in the press that the worker was employed by Mencap. The national Learning Disability charity has gone on record since its publication to say it was “appalled” by the image, which was posted on its Facebook page by a concerned member of the public.

Charlotte Shaw, posted the image after seeing it being shared widely online. When she did so she wrote: ‘One of your staff in the Leicestershire area smoking whilst on the phone in Leicester shoving all her shopping bags on top of him with no care in the world”, before adding,  ‘I don’t think she should work with vulnerable people’.

The single photograph distils forever a throw-away act of unthinking indifference that flies in the face of all the work done over the last 50 years to ensure everyone, irrespective of their physical or mental health is treated equally. The duty to do so has been enshrined in The Equality Act 2010 and the United Nations (UN) Convention on disability rights, both of which have been established help to enforce, protect and promote the rights of those who live with physical and mental impairments.

Such an act of thoughtless disregard says many things. It says ‘I am more important than you. What I want takes priority over what you want’, it says ‘You are less than me, and your wants, needs and rights don’t matter’. In short it says ‘You are worth less..’. Such an inhumane train of thought and resultant actions can, as we have all too recently and vividly seen at Winterbourne View, even serve to legitimise unlawful and even criminal treatment.

The tragedy is that this picture captures treatment that HAS occurred. The clock cannot be turned back. If, however, it can serve any useful purpose going forward maybe is can head off future indifference that has yet to occur. To use a literary analogy; if Ebenezer Scrooge changed his ways after being visited by the ghosts of Christmas past and future, maybe this image of uncaring past can head off any uncaring future.

Chris Knight, SecuriCare’s Head of Social Care Training said, “For an organisation to be able to deliver high quality support it needs high quality individuals. Good recruitment is key to this. It’s a process that must get to the heart of why a person is looking to enter the sector and exclude those for whom caring isn’t in their DNA. Then an organisation needs carefully crafted policies and procedures that are supported by first class training. Finally it needs to develop and sustain a nurturing culture where supported individuals are valued. Something that is revealed in everything staff say and everything they do. The desire to provide person centred support and care should be something that is central to every decision…”

SecuriCare offer a range of courses designed to give staff the tools required to provide effective support. They have worked on optimising induction training by offering a unique blend of online and classroom based sessions. All of our induction courses are put together by a development team comprising PhD and Masters’ Graduate Nurses with a combined 50 years of practice in Health and Social Care.

SecuriCares suite of online Care Certificate courses allow you to select a range that best meet your local needs. Each individual course content is fully mapped across to meet the underpinning knowledge requirements for the QCF Diplomas in Health and Social Care at Levels 2 and 3. Completion of all of the courses allows the candidate to meet the knowledge specifications of all of the mandatory units of these QCF Diplomas. Click to see our ‘Care Certificate’ Courses

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