Anti-terror police detained a man in possession of knives onboard an Aer Lingus flight on Saturday night. The aircraft bound from Dublin to Edinburgh. 

Adrian Pannett, Head of Disruptive Passenger Training at Securicare said, “Statistics show that incidents of disruptive behaviour on-board aircraft are often related to alcohol, drugs, medication and mental health issues, or a combination of these factors. Monitoring alcohol consumption on-board helps crew identify passenger who are drinking too much. Obviously anything consumed pre-flight, legal or illegal substances also contributes to problems on-board and this is out of the crews control…”

“Incidents involving passengers using medication and or with mental health issues is a more difficult problem to identify and control. If a passenger’s behaviour gives crew cause for concern and as far as crew are aware alcohol is not a contributing factor, then crew need to investigate further, through questioning the passenger, or anyone travelling with the disruptive passenger in an effort to find out if medication or mental health issues are a contributing factor…”

“It sounds like the crew here did the right thing and prevented any escalation onboard by avoiding any confrontation or by physically challenging the passenger. The key is always to avoid adding tension. Low key, low arousal communication and de-escalatory strategies can often be used to prevent situations deteriorating. These are some of the subjects included in the Securicare Preventing and Managing Disruptive Passenger Training Programme to help crew achieve positive outcomes when dealing with disruptive behaviours.”

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