Having delivered ‘preventing and managing challenging behaviour training’ as well as ‘safe physical intervention training’ for over 20 years Securicare welcome the latest developments by the Institute of Conflict Management.  The launch of their National Minimum Standards on Physical Intervention in Health and Social Care means that there is now a benchmark against which to evaluate training provision.


In April 2014 the Department of Health released its latest guidance on Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions, and in May 2015, the National Institute for Health Care Excellence released their latest guidance on Violence and aggression: short-term management in mental health, health and community settings. Both of which laid out both advice and guidance on how best to manage challenging behaviour within Health and Social Care Setting. The ICM’s Quality Award Scheme was mentioned as being an example of a voluntary accreditation scheme to which health and social care organisations could adhere to ensure compliance.


The Royal College of Nursing started looking at the development of standards back in 2013 and, on behalf of the Department of Health, carried out a lengthy consultation of current practice. They looked towards major stakeholders for advice and guidance on current practice and areas for improvement which would benefit those using Health and Social Care services. The Institute of Conflict Management was very pleased to play a large part in these consultations.


The ICM Chairman today said, “Since its incorporation in 2000 the ICM has worked to set standards for training in the prevention and management of work related violence. The recent developments of National Minimum Standards for Physical Intervention Training and the addition of a Quality Award Centre Scheme for those training in Health Care settings are two examples of the way the ICM helps trainers demonstrate their training is delivered to robust standards in terms of quality as is safe and fit for purpose…”


“The ICM continues to support various Government Departments develop policies and guidance to make staff and service users safer in their particular settings and places of work. In 2016 the ICM will continue to work across all sectors to help reduce the impact of work related violence and to ensure training is delivered to the highest possible standards..”


SecuriCare itself offer a range of courses designed to enable support workers, carers and foster families to best respond to any ‘Challenging Behaviour’ that may occur. All programmes are finalised after full training needs analysis and delivered by experienced frontline practitioners. Click to see our ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Course which includes ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ techniques designed to minimise the need for any kind of restrictive intervention. You can also take a look at our person centred Behaviour Planning Service.


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