Securicare have worked extensively in the education sector, with teachers to implement solutions to challenging, disruptive and violent behaviour. The latest survey shines a light on the scale of the problem.

According to the survey carried out by the Association of Teachers & Lecturers teaching union Nine out of ten staff had dealt with challenging behaviour, such as swearing or shouting, in the past twelve months. In terms of physical violence the shocking findings were that 77% said they had been pushed or shoved and around half were kicked or had an object thrown at them.

Almost half (45%) of the teachers surveyed across England, Wales and Northern Ireland said they felt pupil behaviour had got worse in the past two years. 

General secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, Dr Mary Bousted, said having to cope with challenging or disruptive behaviour is unfortunately par for the course for education staff.

"It is shocking that 43% education professionals have had to deal with physical violence from a pupil in the last year.. No member of staff should be subjected to aggressive behaviour, in any form, while doing their job..”

Securicare Director Phil Hardy says, “Challenging behaviour in schools doesn’t occur in a vacuum. It’s causes can be multi-factorial. These include psychological factors, such as emotional trauma or lack of social skills. Or alternatively the behaviour can arise from peer pressure or seem to be re-enforced by peer approval. Challenging behaviour can be down to environmental factors, such as classroom noise or seating arrangements, or it can also be linked to the way the class is managed such as underdeveloped lesson plans and inconsistencies in the way pupil behaviour is managed. The bottom line is that any solution will include full and through assessment and good planning. Often the final piece of the jigsaw is training..”

SecuriCare offer a range of courses designed to enable individuals to deal with all facets of conflict, aggression and violence. These include ‘personal safety’, ‘conflict management’,dealing with challenging behaviour’ as well as our physical skills ‘Train the Trainers’ pathway

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