A Jet2 flight from Tenerife to Newcastle made an unscheduled landing on New Year’s Day after a passenger, who was allegedly intoxicated, abused cabin crew.

Afterward the incident a Jet2 spokesperson said “Flight LS518 from Tenerife to Newcastle diverted to Shannon Airport, Ireland, on Friday night to offload a passenger who was reportedly showing increasingly aggressive behaviour towards our cabin crew”

Adrian Pannett, Head of Disruptive Passenger Training at Securicare said, “Airlines are now taking an increasingly robust line with incidents involving aggression. The message is that we provide a service and aim to ensure your flight is comfortable and enjoyable. Of course things go wrong from time to time but aggression can never be tolerated. Jet2 are in the forefront of the drive to send out this clear policy message”

The Jet2 spokesperson continued, “The female was handed over to the local police and we will be working closely with the relevant authorities to pursue any necessary action. As part of our ‘Onboard Together’ initiative we have empowered our crew to take whatever action necessary to protect both passengers and themselves from offensive and anti-social behaviour”

“The safety and welfare of our customers and staff is always our number one priority.” In the last 12 months Jet2 handed out lifetime bans to about 50 travellers who were abusive or disruptive towards staff and fellow passengers, and stopped nearly 500 people from travelling.

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