Securicare have pioneered both ‘preventing and managing disruptive passenger training’ as well as developing the leading ‘disruptive passenger restraint kit’. The latest ‘Air rage’ incident to reach court highlights the sensitivities involved in responding to incidents.

Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan was yesterday fined 6,000 euros (£4,690) following an incident on a flight from New York to Ireland where she head butted and spat at a police officer .

The pop singer or ‘Queen of Limerick’ as she is known by her fans admitted four offences including three assaults and obstructing a Garda officer. In mitigation the Judge at Ennis District Court received medical reports which showed O’Riordan had been suffering mania and was mentally ill when the incident occurred. She was subsequently diagnosed as suffering bipolar disorder following the incident.

Adrian Pannett, Head of Disruptive Passenger Training at Securicare said, “This is an incident that highlights the need to respond to both the incident and the person. It’s too easy to reduce an individual to a cluster of physical behaviours; to the anonymous individual who is waving their arms about, shouting, screaming, spitting or head butting in this case. To do that can, in a very emotional situation, be a step towards legitimising a physical response. It should be remembered that such a response is an option but not THE answer..”

“We know from research that alcohol, stress and mental health issues can be the root cause of incidents… In which cause removing frustration, confusion, anxiety and fear can be extremely effective in reducing the levels of psychological and emotional arousal that the person is experiencing. Physical restraint is very often not the answer. The case here seems to show this. If crews are going to be prepared to respond to all types of incident they need to develop good assessment and communication skills…”

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