As a national training provider Securicare deliver courses across the UK. Today Colchester was the venue for the latest Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour Refresher Course. Over the day a diverse range of topics were covered, including positive behavioural support, person centred planning, effective communication and de-escalation strategies as well as restraint reduction and the effective recording of incidents. The aim was to ensure the knowledge base required to deliver positive and proactive care was fully developed, and exported back to the work setting.

Challenging Behaviour CourseThe training event was facilitated by Chris Knight, SecuriCare’s Head of Social Care Training in the South of England, “Above all else I believe a support worker requires passion for their job. Through passion flows empathy which in turn fuels a genuine attempt to provide meaningful person centred care…” Chris continued, “The topics we cover on a training day like this are undeniably important but in order for knowledge to be channelled effectively you need staff members with the right attitude. Today they were great which in turn fostered a collaborative and can-do learning attitude..”

The learners all looked like they were enjoying the experience. All tension and anxiety seemed absent. Chris explains, “If learners can be helped to relax the atmosphere is invariably positive. That way individuals feel free to ask questions and qualify their understanding. The SecuriCare philosophy has always been to work hard to build engagement with the learners. Delivering the theory alone isn’t enough to ensure principles become embedded in practice. You need to build a rapport with leaners so that opportunities for application can be fully explored. This in turn helps to ensure invaluable concepts and techniques can be used where they count most..”

If you want to share Chris enthusiasm for getting care and support right visit SecuriCares website. SecuriCare offer a range of courses designed to enable support workers, carers and foster families to best respond to any ‘Challenging Behaviour’ that may occur. All programmes are finalised after full training needs analysis and delivered by experienced frontline practitioners. Click to see our ‘Preventing & Managing Challenging Behaviour’ Course which includes ‘Positive Behaviour Management’ techniques designed to minimise the need for any kind of restrictive intervention. You can also take a look at our person centred Behaviour Planning Service.

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