News is emerging of a disturbance during a flight from Heathrow to Dubai last night.

After 45 minutes of running riot on the plane, a male passenger was finally handcuffed after having to be dramatically restrained by four members of staff and another passenger.

Natalie Penk, daughter of former Virgin radio presenter Steve Penk was on the flight. She said 'All hell broke loose. He was restrained on the seats but was literally howling at this point. He was screaming "you're trying to kill me, I’m going to die".

'He then started shouting "I have a bomb", with an hour of the flight still to go. I've never been so relieved to get off a flight in my life.'

Natalie said the drama started about two hours into the flight when the man, who appeared to be drunk, had to be calmed down by cabin crew. Later he starting acting out again and this was when  'all hell broke loose'. The man 'sprawled and struggled' across three seats, continually shouting at those trying to restrain him.  Natalie said the man started howling for help, claiming they were killing him and that he could not breathe.

Natalie said that the crew had been 'absolutely brilliant' and had handled the whole situation in the best way they could.  A British Airways spokesman said the matter had now been handed over to Dubai police.

Adrian Pannett, Head of Disruptive Passenger Training at Securicare said, “Situations like this are fraught with difficulties. Sometimes there is no alternative but to physically restrain such individuals. This however is not without risk. What crews need is good training to ensure they can respond safely, effectively and lawfully..”

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