Following the latest review of the provision for people with Learning Disabilities in England, the report author says a commissioner is urgently needed to "protect and promote" their rights.

Sir Stephen Bubb said the government had failed to act on recommendations he made in the wake of the Winterbourne View abuse scandal.

In 2011 the BBC's Panorama sent an undercover reporter into the Winterbourne View private hospital, near Bristol. What he discovered, and captured vividly on camera, was shocking levels of physical abuse and neglect.

At the time Sir Stephen called for the introduction of a legal charter of rights for them and their families.

Five years later he has criticised the government for still not bringing in the charter of rights. He said "the dimensions of these challenges, and the failure to introduce a charter of rights in law, means that nothing less than a commissioner is required..” In his opinion the commissioner "would monitor and hold to account" all those charged with delivering services.

In his new report, The Challenge Ahead, it says that 10,000 extra members of staff are needed to support people in their own community and that these staff need to be trained to an established standard.

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